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The Changeover Process

Frontier Natural Gas will call you before installing service to your home or business. In some cases, we lay pipes by the cut-and-bore method, in which we dig an access hole on the side of the street, drill an underground passageway, and insert the piping, all without disrupting the surface. For streets where a larger pipe is necessary or subsurface conditions dictate, we dig a narrow trench, lay pipes, backfill the trench, compact the soil, and restore the surface.

The costs for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal conversions to natural gas are easily obtained through local licensed contractors; actual costs will vary. Contact us for details on your heating system.

Chances are, piping will require only a few hours. Once a network is in place and testing is completed you'll begin enjoying the benefits of natural gas!

In making the decision to switch from oil or propane to natural gas, remember:

  • To receive natural gas service, your home must be located within our service area.
  • Converting your appliances as well as your heating system to natural gas yields the greatest savings on your energy bills.
  • Efficient, clean-burning natural gas means you'll save on maintenance, too.
  • Both large and small homes can save by converting to natural gas. Size and type of home affect only the cost of conversion.

Your contractor will:

  • Install piping from the meter to your appliances
  • Replace your oil burner with a natural gas burner or replace the orifice nozzle in your propane burner
  • Install a chimney liner, where necessary
  • Repipe and install natural gas water heater, kitchen range, unit heaters, clothes dryer, etc., as desired.