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Please print, fill out, and return completed forms to:

Frontier Natural Gas
110 PGW Dr.
Elkin, NC 28621

Step-By-Step Process of Obtaining and Converting to Natural Gas

Contact your local sales representative. They will make sure natural gas is available in your area and will walk you through the conversion process outlined below.

INSTALL : Contact a licensed North Carolina HV/AC or Plumbing Contractor for an estimate to convert and/or install your equipment. A list of contractors is provided or you may look in the Yellow Pages to select one. Your contractor will know if an inspection is going to be required and should call for the permit if needed. Also, tell your contractor what equipment you will be converting and/or installing (furnace, dryer, water heater, range, etc.) to determine if you will need additional contractors.

INFORM : Please call your Frontier Sales Representative with the name and phone number of the contractor you have selected. It is very important for our service technicians to discuss the “delivery pressure (2PSI, 8”WC, etc.)” and “BTU load” that your equipment requires.

INSPECT : Once the conversion and/or installation of your equipment has been completed, you or your contractor needs to call your local Building Inspections Department to request an inspection (if required). Once you are issued a Certificate of Approval (if required) you are ready to have your meter set.

INQUIRE : Contact Kim Carter in Sales at (336) 526-1790, to inform us that you are ready to have your meter set (we must have the “delivery pressure” and “BTU load”). Warren County residents should call their local office at (252) 257-0111. We will coordinate a convenient time for you and/or your contractor and a Frontier Technician to initiate gas service. Our staff is here to serve you Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Please note : Your meter will be set only after the installation of gas line. Gas will be turned on once the County inspection is complete.

Natural Gas Service Agreement

Frontier Natural Gas agrees to extend and connect a natural gas service line to a predetermined meter location at your home or business. You have 60 days from the date the natural gas service line is installed to your facility to take delivery. If deliveries have not been taken by you within 60 days of the service line install date, you agree to reimburse Frontier Natural Gas the full cost of the service line installation. Upon taking delivery of natural gas service, Frontier Natural Gas will then reimburse you in accordance with our published Tariff.

It shall be your responsibility to convey to Frontier Natural Gas and at your sole cost and expense, all easements, surveys and rights-of-way, including rights of convenient access to Frontier natural Gas property which may be necessary or convenient for the continuous provision of adequate, safe and continuous service to you or for the removal of Frontier Natural Gas owned property upon termination of service. Piping downstream of the outlet of natural gas meter assembly is owned and maintained by the customer.

Your timely return of this Agreement, will confirm your request to Frontier Natural Gas to schedule the installation of a service line and your agreement to take natural gas service. By signing this agreement, the undersigned Applicant understands and agrees that natural gas service will be rendered by Frontier Natural Gas Company pursuant to the rates, charges, and terms in accordance with its published tariff and subject to the rules and regulations of the State of North Carolina Public Utilities Commission.


Frontier Natural Gas Company (“Frontier Natural Gas”) is required to notify you that Frontier Natural Gas owns and maintains only the gas piping that delivers gas to the gas meter, including un-metered branch lines that serve yard lanterns. Gas piping immediately downstream of our meter including buried yard line serving pool heaters or other types of secondary equipment, the piping in the walls of buildings and any piping between buildings is owned, operated and maintained by the customer, not Frontier Natural Gas.

Customers’ piping that is not installed, operated and maintained properly can be a source of hazard due to corrosion and leakage. Customers should retain the professional services of a licensed plumber, heating contractor, or natural gas technician to periodically check their piping system to be sure it is:

Inspected for leaks;
Inspected for corrosion if the piping is metallic; and
Repaired promptly by a qualified professional if any unsafe condition is discovered.

This is especially true for buried metallic piping, which can corrode quickly if exposed to the soil.

In addition excavating, including shallow excavating done by hand, can damage buried gas lines. Persons planning to excavate by mechanical means, other than hand tools, must contact North Carolina One-Call Center at 811 or 1-800-632-4949 a minimum of 72 hours prior to beginning the excavation(s). NC One Call notifies companies, including Frontier Natural Gas, having buried lines in the vicinity to locate their lines for you at no charge. It is your responsibility to carefully expose and protect buried lines in the area of your excavation. When excavating near buried gas piping, the piping should be located in advance, and the excavation done by hand. For further information please refer to www.ncocc.org