How to Recognize a Leak

Awareness of Hazards and Prevention Measures

Leaks are rare, but it is best to be prepared. We include an odorant in our gas that smells like rotten eggs. That way, should a leak occur, the presence of natural gas can be quickly detected.

If you come in contact with a natural gas pipeline leak take the following steps:

  • Leave the area immediately
  • Move to a safe location and then call your local gas utilitv .
  • Abandon any equipment being used in or near the suspected leak
  • Warn others to stay away when possible

Leak Recognition

Learn the warning signs of natural gas pipeline leaks:

  • A rotten egg smell
  • Dirt spraying in the air
  • A hissing sound
  • Bubbling in a pond, creek or river
  • Dead or dying vegetation

Leak Response

What to do when a leak occurs:

  • DO NOT light a match, start an engine, use a telephone or cell phone, turn on or off light switches, or do anything that may cause a spark
  • DO NOT attempt to extinguish a natural gas fire
  • Call 911
  • DO Not attempt to operate pipeline equipment

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Assure that fuel-burning appliances are installed, maintained, and used properly and safely. That includes having an annual inspection of heating and venting equipment by a "qualified heating and plumbing shop" prior to the heating season, and the use of a carbon monoxide alarm that meets current standards.

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